/wID, wIT/ preposition
1 near someone or something, or in someone's presence: I saw Bob in town with his girlfriend. | Mix the powder with boiling water.
2 having, possessing, or showing a particular thing, quality or feeling: a book with a green cover | Jack beamed with pleasure when he heard the news. | complete with: The mixer comes complete with instructions and a guarantee.
3 including: With a tip, the meal cost $30.
4 by means of something or using it: Eat your melon with a knife and fork. | What will you buy with the money?
5 used to show the idea of filling, covering, or containing something: Her boots were covered with mud. | Fill the bowl with sugar.
6 concerning, or in the case of: Be careful with that glass. | Britain's trade with Japan | He's in love with you.
7 supporting or liking someone or something: Some opposition MPs voted with the Government. | You're either with me or against me.
8 against or opposing someone: Stop fighting with your brother! | We're competing with foreign businesses.
9 in the same direction as someone or something: We sailed with the wind.
10 at the same time or rate as something else: This wine improves with age.
11 used when comparing two things or considering the relationship between them: Compared with other children of the same age, Robert's very tall.
12 used in some expressions to show that one person or thing separates from another: Joan doesn't want to part with the money. | a complete break with tradition
13 in spite of: With all his faults, I still like him.
14 because of or considering the fact of: They were trembling with fear. | With John away there's more room in the house.
15 used to express a strong wish or command: Down with school! | Off to bed with you!
16 with it informal
a) dressing in fashionable clothes and knowing about new ideas: I can't get over how with it your mother is.
b) lively and able to understand things: I'm sorry I'm not feeling very with it today.
—see also: with­it
17 with you informal
a) understanding someone's explanation about something: I'm sorry, I'm not really with you; could you repeat what you just said.
b) supporting someone by agreeing with what they say or do: I'm with Harry all the way on this one.
18 with that also at that used to say that something happens immediately after something else: He gave a little wave and with that he was gone.

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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